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Railway Stakeholder Working Groups

European Railway Agency

The European Railway Agency (ERA) is an agency of the European Union.

The construction of a safe, modern integrated railway network is one of the EU's major priorities. Railways must become more competitive and offer high-quality, end-to-end services without being restricted by national borders. The European Railway Agency was set up to help create this integrated railway area by reinforcing safety and interoperability.

Website: www.era.europa.eu

Road Rail Safety Working Group

The road rail safety working group is an advisory working group that focuses on safety at road rail interfaces. It seeks to establish a strategy for the collective management of this risk, and to identify actions that will improve safety levels.

The group is chaired by the Commission for Railway Regulation (CRR) and membership is made up of railway undertakings, road authorities, An Garda Síochána, the Irish Road Haulage Association and the Department of Transport.

International Liaison Group of Government Railway Inspectors

The International Liaison Group of Government Railway Inspectors (ILGGRI) was established in 1997 to provide an informal platform for contact between railway inspectors from different countries.

The main purposes of ILGGRI are to exchange of knowledge and experience and to co-ordinate a common approach to railway safety matters.

ILGGRI's aim is to be an effective forum for European Safety Authorities that can be consulted on railway health, safety and interoperability matters.

The purpose of ILGGRI is to exchange knowledge and experience on issues of common interest

  • discuss issues and provide a focus/input to developments from the perspectives of Safety Authorities
  • build a good working relationship with the European Rail Agency and provide input into its work
  • coordinate thinking on safety-related tasks of common interest
  • maintain networks of contacts.

Further information on ILGGRI can be founds on its web-site at http://www.ilggri.org.

Railway Safety Advisory Council

Under the provisions of Section 82 of the Railway Safety Act 2005, the Minister for Transport established the Railway Safety Advisory Council to represent the various stakeholder organisations and groups. The Council consists of a Chairperson and up to 13 other members.

The Council may make recommendations to the Minister or the CRR on issues relevant to railway safety. Or the Minister or the Commission may consult on relevant matters with the Council.

The current Chairperson is John Power - Director General of Engineers Ireland.