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COVID 19: CRR working arrangements

04 August 2020


In line with Government guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID 19, our staff are now working remotely.

This will not affect our ability to work effectively, as CRR is well set up to do most of our work online and via mobile. In practical terms it does mean we will communicate more frequently by email and will conduct meetings remotely by phone and video.

While we do not expect there to be any large-scale disruption to our core processes, our supervision activity will be curtailed.

We recognise that there will be considerable pressures on those within the rail sector during this period. We want to assure those railway organisations we regulate that we will be as pragmatic as possible in how we work, given the challenges faced and we will continue to provide support and advice wherever we can.

We can still be contacted by telephone at:  +353 (0)1 2068110  or by e-mail at: