National Legislation

Railway Safety Act 2005

The Railway Safety Act 2005 established a comprehensive framework within which railway safety is regulated. In addition to providing for the establishment and empowerment of the Commission for Railway Regulation (CRR), and within it a functionally independent Railway Incident Investigation Unit, the principal provisions of the Act relate to:

  • Placement of a general duty of care on railway undertakings, persons working on the railway and others to have regard for their own safety and that of others in conducting activities on or about the railway.
  • Requirement for railway undertakings to implement such systems as are necessary for the effective management of safety and to evidence these in a safety case.
  • Reporting of railway incidents by undertakings and their investigations by those undertakings or by the Railway Incident Investigation Unit.
  • Establishment of a Railway Safety Advisory Council representative of various stakeholder organisations and with powers to make recommendations to the Minister and the CRR on matters of railway safety.
  • Control of the impact of drugs and alcohol including specification of maximum limits and testing of safety critical railway workers

The following additional relevant legislation can be found in the Irish Statute Book on the website www.irishstatutebook.ie:

  • Transport (Railway Infrastructure) Act 2001