How we are funded

Funding for the CRR is provided in part by a Safety Levy on the various railway organisations and in part by an Exchequer Grant.

In addition, the CRR may charge a fee for a range of its activities, specifically:

Fees charged for Designated Body (DeBo) recognition - S.I. No. 176/2021 - European Union (Interoperability of the Rail System) (Designated Bodies) (Fees) Regulations.

Fees charged to the ERA as the national safety authority where the ERA is the assessment body for single safety certificate or vehicle authorisation – Regulation EU 2018/764 as amended by Regulation EU 2021/1903.

Fees charged for the authorising of construction and entry into service of cableway installations or their modification - SI 543 EU (Cableway Installations) Regulations 2020.

Fees charged for the issuing or renewal of train driver licences - SI 399 EU (Train Driver Certification) Regulations 2010.


The current Statutory Instrument detailing the most recent Levy Order can be seen here.