Designated Bodies

Notified Bodies

Under the interoperability Directive ‘Notified bodies’ are responsible for assessing the conformity or suitability for use of railway constituents or for assessing quality using the ‘EC’ procedure for verification of railway subsystems.

Notified bodies (NoBos) are independent bodies assessed as meeting the criteria of:

  • the ‘Technical specifications for interoperability’.

  • competence

  • independence

  • integrity

The CRR can itself be or can recognise others as Notified bodies

Designated Bodies

Designated Bodies perform assessment for compliance with national requirements for applicants of authorisation to place in service railway sub-systems. The CRR recognises Designated Bodies in the stage in accordance with the requirements of 2008/57/EC including amendments and associated regulations.

Currently the CRR is the Designated Body for:

  • Subsystem Infrastructure
  • Subsystem Rolling Stock
  • Subsystem Energy
  • Subsystem Command Control Signalling Trackside
  • Subsystem Command Control Signalling On-board