Authorisation to place in service

Interoperability is a European Commission initiative to promote a single market in the rail sector.

As part of the initiative all new, major, upgraded or renewed infrastructure and rolling stock have to seek authorisation from the CRR as the competent authority in the State, to place the infrastructure or rolling stock into service.

The main EU legal requirements relating to interoperability and authorisation are, the Interoperability Directive (IOD) 2008/57/EC, the Railway Safety Directive (RSD) 2004/49/EC and the common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment EU/402/2013.

Additional National requirements are governed by the Railway Safety Act 2005 as amended by SI 444 of 2013.

EU and national requirements apply to the heavy rail system while only national requirements apply to the LUAS light rail system and isolated heritage railways.

The CRR has produced guidelines for the authorisation to place in service process for heavy rail, light rail, heritage infrastructure and heritage rolling stock, (RSC-G-009: RSC-G-032: RSC-G-034: and RSC-G-036: respectively). All can be seen in the published guidance section of our website.