Planning Applications

The CRR is a prescribed authority under the Planning and Developments Regulations 2006. As such notice must be sent to the CRR

“where the development might –

  1. give rise to a significant increase in the volume or type of traffic (including construction traffic) passing under a height restricted bridge or using a railway level crossing, or a bridge over the railway,
  2. because of its proximity to a railway, impact on the structural integrity of railway infrastructure during construction of the development, or
  3. endanger or interfere with safe operation of a railway during or after construction.”

In the case of a development which might impact on a light railway (e.g. the LUAS) or a metro, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) should be notified.

The CRR accept soft copies of planning applications. Any queries relating to planning applications can be sent to or call +353 1 206 8110.