Licensing of undertakings

  • As the regulatory body for railway in the State, one of the CRR’s functions is the Licensing of Railway Undertakings.
  • A railway undertaking is not allowed to provide rail transport services in the state unless it has been granted the appropriate licence by the CRR.
  • Each railway undertaking which applies for a licence must demonstrate and provide relevant information to the CRR that it is at any time able to meet the requirements relating to good repute, financial fitness, professional competence and cover for civil liability. Licences are issued for a five year period.
  • The CRR has produced guidance on the process for applying for a railway undertaking licence Guidance CRR-G-051.
  • The following register details the Railway Undertaking have been issued with a railway undertaking licence by the CRR.
Railway UndertakingIssue Date

Expiry Date

Iarnród Éireann24 September 202023 September 2025
Railway Preservation Society of Ireland09 October 202008 October 2025
Translink NIR Railways15 October 201914 October 2024