Licensing of train drivers

European Directives 2007/59/EC (on the certification of train drivers) and S.I. 399 of 2010 introduced a licensing and certification system for mainline train drivers in Ireland. Under this legislation the CRR is the competent authority for the Licencing of Train Drivers, and also for the Recognition of Training Centres and Examination Centres in the State.

The train driving licence is a card issued by the CRR to the train driver once the train driver has passed the necessary general professional competence, medical and occupational psychological fitness examinations.

These assessments are carried out in the recognised training and examination centres and the documentation to support the successful assessment provided to the CRR. The licence is valid for 10 years and is the personal property of the train driver until it expires or is suspended or withdrawn.

The current training centre and examination centre that have been recognised by the CRR can be seen here.

Each driver is also issued with a certificate by their relevant railway organisation and this details the types of rolling stock which the driver may drive, and the infrastructure which the driver can drive trains over.