Report a concern

All concerns about railway and cableway safety and regulation brought to our attention are important to us and treated seriously.

We can only respond to concerns that relate to areas where we have a statutory responsibility. If you bring issues outside this to our attention we will try to direct you to the relevant body to address them.

How to report a concern.

The CRR receives various reports of concern relating to our regulatory roles. In relation to any concerns from members of the public, we would encourage that in the first instance you would contact the service provider directly in relation to your concern.

Our Response.

Once received your concern will be reviewed and assessed for the appropriate response. Our response will vary and may include , inspection, written or verbal intervention or noting the detail which may direct some future activity. We will make that decision based on the information that you provide.

What can you expect to hear from us.

All information that you provide will be treated in confidence and similarly any engagement we have with service providers will remain confidential. While we can confirm the nature of our response and whether the concern has been resolved to our satisfaction the detail of specific actions taken of details of the outcome will not be provided.

Anonymous Concerns.

We treat all concerns raised with us as confidential. Those reporting a concern are required to provide their name and contact number to the CRR. This information is not provided to any other party. Where a concern is anonymous and the CRR is not therefore in a position to verify detail with the person who has submitted the concern, it will impact on our assessment and response.