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Safety Audit of Veolia Transport Dublin Light Rail Ltd

01 November 2007

Publication cover - Safety Audit of Veolia 2007

The partial audit of Veolia Transport Dublin Light Rail Ltd (Veolia) has shown the company to have invested time and effort to develop an effective safety management system focused on addressing matters proportionate to risk.

Where observations and recommendations have been made they are of a minor nature highlighting opportunities to further improve the company's safety management arrangements.

It is evident that Veolia has successfully transitioned from start-up to sustained operation and that the contractual framework within which they operate is generally effective. However as the system matures the work necessary to maintain the condition of assets will increase. With this in mind it has been identified that on occasions such work requires to be funded by the Rail Procurement Agency. Given this, it is appropriate that Veolia and the Rail Procurement Agency should together establish and document their agreed process to secure safety on the tramway in regards to significant system modification

It is important to place on record the very open and constructive way in which Veolia approached this audit.