Irish Railway Standards

On behalf of the expert group of Irish railway industry specialists, the CRR publishes Irish Railway Standards in relation to requirements for the railway system in the Republic of Ireland.

The table below lists the current Irish Railway Standards, previous revisions are available upon request from the CRR.

Irish Railway Standards:

  1. Cannot replace any Technical Standard for Interoperability (TSI) or other legal requirements which may be applicable to a given project activity;
  2. Are recommended to be chosen in accordance with RFU-STR-088 as an Alternative Solution in conjunction with a TSI Parameter to demonstrate conformity with the Essential Requirements;
  3. May be called up as a code of practice in conjunction with CSM-REA 352/2009 and 402/2013 or a good industry practice in conjunction with Railway Safety Act 2005;
  4. May be called up as a code of practice in conjunction with the safe integration of projects within the Railway System in the Republic of Ireland as defined under 2008/57/EC Art15;
  5. May in parts or in full be called up as a National Technical Rule (NTR) for the Republic of Ireland.

Where Irish Railway Standards are called up as an NTR, the reason for its application shall be identified in line with EU 2016/797 Art 13(2):

  1. Where the TSIs do not cover, or do not fully cover, certain aspects corresponding to the essential requirements, including open points as referred to in 2016/797 Article 4(6);
  2. Where non-application of one or more TSIs, or parts of them, has been notified under 2016/797 Article 7 or 2008/57/EC Art9 or Art20;
  3. Where a specific case requires the application of technical rules not included in the relevant TSI;
  4. National rules used to specify existing systems, limited to the aim of assessing the technical compatibility of the vehicle with the network;
  5. Networks and vehicles not covered by TSIs;
  6. As an urgent temporary preventive measure, in particular following an accident.
IRS NumberTitlePublishing dateApplicable fromStatus
IRS-201-ARequirements for Vehicle to Fixed Installation Interface


25/09/2019First Issue - A


GSM-R Voice Cab Radio - Requirement for IÉ (Republic of Ireland) rail network.02/06/202002/06/2020Second Issue - B


EMC Co-Ordination02/06/202002/06/2020Second Issue - B


Requirements for Class B CCO and CCT Systems in

the Republic of Ireland



First Issue – A


Requirements for Class B Systems in Republic of Ireland:

Definition of Air Gap (Interface requirements for CCT and CCO)



First Issue – A


Requirements for Class B CCO Subsystems in Republic of Ireland – Driver Machine Interface



First Issue – A