Access to information on the environment (A.I.E.)

Under Directive 2003/4/EC of the European Parliament and given effect to in the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations, 2007-2014 (the A.I.E. Regulations) all individuals of the state are entitled to request access to information on the environment that is held by Public Bodies including the CRR. The Directive covers information held by the office in written, visual, oral, electronic or any other material form that relates to environmental matters.

How to Request Environmental Information:

If you wish to request access to information on the environment that the CRR holds then please submit your request in writing or by email and state that the application is being made under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007-2014. Please provide contact details including a telephone number if possible and state, in clear terms, the environmental information required and specify the form and manner of access desired.

Requests should be sent to

The Environmental Officer,
Commission for Railway Regulation,
Temple House
57 Temple Road
Dublin A94 Y5W5

Or by e-mail to

There is no fee for making an AIE request.

Right of Appeal:

If a request is refused wholly or partly, or otherwise not dealt with properly, an internal review may be sought not later than one month after the date of notification of the original decision. To request an internal review, write to the.

There is no fee for the making of an application for internal review.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the internal review, there is a further right of appeal to the

Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information,
18 Lower Leeson St,
Dublin 2.

There is a fee of €50 for an appeal to the Commissioner for Environmental Information. A reduced fee of €15 applies to a medical card holder.

Disclaimer/Note: Please be advised that public bodies may refuse AIE requests on certain mandatory grounds (personal information/third party information) or discretionary grounds (commercial confidentiality etc).